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Encyclopedia of Psychotherapy, Two-Volume Set

By Publisher: Academic Press Number Of Pages: 1988 Publication Date: 2002-06 Sales Rank: 2183488 ISBN / ASIN: 0123430100 EAN: 9780123430106 Binding: Hardcover
Psychotherapy is the dialogue between patient and therapist in the diagnosis and treatment of behavioral, crisis, and mental disorders. Psychoanalysis as formulated by Sigmund Freud is the first modern form of psychotherapy and this approach has given rise to several score of psychodynamic therapies. In more recent times behavioral, cognitive, existential, humanistic, and short-term therapies have been put into practice, each with a particular focus and each giving rise to variations in structure and content of treatment as well as therapeutic outcomes. These therapy approaches relate the patient/therapist dialogue to different aspects of the therapeutic process. For instance, behavior therapies focus on the patient's conduct and cognitive therapies treat the client's thought processes. The Encyclopedia covers the major psychotherapies currently in practice as well as the classical approaches that laid the foundation for the various contemporary treatment approaches. In addition, the Encyclopedia identifies the scientific studies conducted on the efficacy of the therapies and review the theoretical basis of each therapy.


By Aaron T Beck Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press Number Of Pages: 388 Publication Date: 1972-01-01 Sales Rank: 611235 ISBN / ASIN: 0812210328 EAN: 9780812210323
The principal work on the subject and a valuable source of reference.""--J.R.M. Copeland, M.D., British Journal of Psychiatry Pioneering in its cognitive approach to psychotherapy, this broad survey of all aspects of depression is considered defin


Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry, 2006

By Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA Number Of Pages: 910 Publication Date: 2006-08-14 Sales Rank: 600770 ISBN / ASIN: 0198526954 EAN: 9780198526957
Mental health research and care in the twenty first century faces a series of conceptual and ethical challenges arising from unprecedented advances in the neurosciences, combined with radical cultural and organisational change. The Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry is aimed at all those responding to these challenges, from professionals in health and social care, managers, lawyers and policy makers; service users, informal carers and others in the voluntary sector; through to philosophers, neuroscientists and clinical researchers. Organised around a series of case studies in five key topic areas - concepts of disorder, the philosophical history of psychopathology, philosophy of science, ethics and philosophical value theory, and philosophy of mind - the book provides a detailed introduction to the field and a framework for study and skill development. Each case study is supported by selected readings from both philosophy and mental health, thinking skills exercises, self-test questions, key learning points and detailed guides to further reading. There is an introduction for philosophers to classification and descriptive psychopathology, and for practitioners to philosophical methods (including logic). The philosophical topics covered include philosophical methods (analytic and Continental); phenomenology, hermeneutics and existentialism, logical empiricism and its successors; idealism and realism; reasons and causes; and modern theories of mind and brain, free will and personal identity. Topics from mental health include psychiatry and 'anti-psychiatry'; Jaspers' psychopathology and the new neurosciences; the future of psychiatric classifications; strengths-based approaches, recovery practice, social inclusion and diversity; and key topics in psychopathology, such as delusion, autism, disorders of volition, thought insertion and other experiences in schizophrenia. The Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry aims to secure the skills-base of the discipline by bringing philosophers closer to the realities of practice in mental health, and mental health practitioners closer to the resources of philosophy as a partner to the sciences in responding to the challenges of twenty-first century mental health and social care.

Handbook on Brain Connectivity

By Publisher: Springer Number Of Pages: 500 Publication Date: 2007-06 Sales Rank: 830129 ISBN / ASIN: 3540714626 EAN: 9783540714620 Binding: Hardcover
Our contemporary understanding of brain function is deeply rooted in the ideas of the nonlinear dynamics of distributed networks. Cognition and motor coordination seem to arise from the interactions of local neuronal networks, which themselves are connected in large scales across the entire brain. The spatial architectures between various scales inevitably influence the dynamics of the brain and thereby its function. But how can we integrate brain connectivity amongst these structural and functional domains? Our Handbook provides an account of the current knowledge on the measurement, analysis and theory of the anatomical and functional connectivity of the brain. All contributors are leading experts in various fields concerning structural and functional brain connectivity. In the first part of the Handbook, the chapters focus on an introduction and discussion of the principles underlying connected neural systems. The second part introduces the currently available non-invasive technologies for measuring structural and functional connectivity in the brain. Part three provides an overview of the analysis techniques currently available and highlights new developments. Part four introduces the application and translation of the concepts of brain connectivity to behavior, cognition and the clinical domain.

Comprehensive Handbook of Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic/Object Relations

Publisher: Wiley Number Of Pages: 622 Publication Date: 2002-04-26 Sales Rank: 2334857 ISBN / ASIN: 0471382639 EAN: 9780471382638 Binding: Hardcover
Now available in paperback. In this volume, different approaches to Psychodynamic/Object Relations approaches are examined. It covers the important issues in the field, with topics ranging from "psychodynamic psychotherapy with undergraduate and graduate students" to "a relational feminist psychodynamic approach to ***ual desire" to "psychodynamic/object relations group therapy with shizophrenic patients."


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Anatomy for Beginners 2005 dvdrip

Title:Anatomy for BeginnersYear: 2005Genre: DocumentaryDirected: Dr. Gunther von HagensCountry: United KingdomLanguage: English CDs: 7Description:Four episodes explaining movement, circulation, digestion and reproduction, each centring on a live public autopsy.The Anatomists: Gunther von Hagens, A Modern Frankenstein. A 50 minute documentary on the controversial Body Worlds exhibition and public autopsy, tracing the history of anatomy, the depiction of the body in art and the use of dissection to entertain as well as to further medical science.Duration: 200 minutes / 4 cdFormat: XVIDQuality: DVDRipVideo: 704 x 384Audio: 44100 Hz, 192 kbps