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Essentials of Orthopedic Surgery

Book Description: This concise third edition offers hands-on guidance for identifying and treating the most commonly seen orthopedic problems in children and adults. Convenient both as a study source for medical students, its many photographs and read.freeduan.com illustrations will also serve as a useful clinical reference for young surgeons, residents, nurses, and physician assistants. Each of the many topics is covered in depth and is designed to educate medical students and steer them towards formulating excellent diagnoses and treatment plans. As a further aid, multiple-choice questions are included at the end of each chapter. The questions are very similar to those that students will see on their boards. A section devoted to the case studies further illustrates common orthopaedic problems and their treatment. Recommended reading lists complete the chapters and provide direction for readers interested in delving deeper into particular topics. All of the contributors are experts in their respective subspecialties, making the book a dependable source for timely, clinically relevant information.

Publisher: Springer
Number Of Pages: 620
Publication Date: 2006-11-14
Sales Rank: 377972
ISBN / ASIN: 0387321659
EAN: 9780387321653
Binding: Paperback
Manufacturer: Springer
Studio: Springer
Average Rating:
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